MSH Mini Dragons Program

This program is designed for children ages 3 to 5 years. Click here for children 6 and older. Our instructors are experts in children's programs. MSH Martial Arts Academy understands that children at this age have a short attention span. This program is specialized and is taught at a 25% learning pace for a greater comprehension and 100% retention for the child. We have developed a fun and exciting program to teach very young children martial arts. Your child will also learn the Korean language spoken in every class. We have created a wide variety of team building drills that will help develop the child physically and mentally. Discipline and good behavior is a priority and is encouraged and rewarded.

Results you can expect:

Summer Camp Programs

The summer camp program is for youth of all ages. In the Summer Camp Program the youth are expected to accomplish a set goal during their enrollment at the academy before receiving their certificate of completion.